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Kegel Exercisers Improved Over the Years

Kegel exercisers were originally shaped like dildos.  They were too large for some women to insert comfortably and too heavy for many women to hold in place. 
Those with the weakest sphincter and pelvic muscles had the most problems.  Yet those women needed the most help. 

The designs have changed over the years to allow all women to perform effective Kegels.  One of the best designs is the cone shape. 

Vaginal weights are small enough to be used by any woman, regardless of the size of her vagina.  The smaller size makes them challenging for women with larger vaginas to hold in place.  That actually creates a good starting point for them.

babyThe cone-shape design is more of a self-seating one.  When inserted correctly, the cone comes to rest at the area where the urinary sphincter connects with the outside of the vaginal wall.

If the muscles are very weak, the cone shape allows the woman to lie in bed during the initial exercise sessions.  She can feel the rise and fall of the cone as she contracts and relaxes her muscles. 

As her muscles become stronger, she will be able to hold the Kegel exercisers in place while standing or squatting.  The progressive nature of the exercise accounts for its effectiveness.

Kegel Weights can be inserted into the cone to create even more of a challenge.  Many women start out by using the un-weighted cone.  Eventually, they add the lightest weight and progress to the heaviest one.

Kegels are not a “cure” for any condition.  A cure is something you take or use once or twice to get rid of a problem.  Kegels are an effective “treatment” for urinary incontinence.  They may be beneficial for female sexual dysfunction and help to prevent fecal incontinence in later life. 

In order for the treatment to remain effective, the exercises must be performed on a regular basis throughout a woman’s life.  It becomes part of her regular exercise routine.

Because they will be used on a frequent basis for many years, it is important to evaluate the quality of the Kegel exercisers on the market.  A cheap or poorly made design may not be effective.  Defects in workmanship could result in injury or unnecessary soreness.  There should be a guarantee against manufacturer defect.

Before you begin performing the Kegels, you should inspect the Kegel exercisers for flaws of any kind.  The vaginal cones should be washed in warm soapy water before and after each exercise session.  Otherwise, bacteria could build up on the material and lead to an infection.

There are other treatments for urinary incontinence or bladder control issues.  Most doctors recommend Kegels as an important part of any treatment plan. 

While dietary or lifestyle changes may be necessary, those take time to provide results.  The exercise can improve thkegelse condition significantly in a relatively short period of time. 

It is possible to isolate and contract the appropriate muscle group without an exerciser, but it is more difficult and less effective.  Kegel exercisers make correct performance of the exercise easier, which helps to ensure results.


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